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New Trend: Birth Photography

In the world of moms and dads, a new trend has been appearing: Birth photography. While some adults are confused by the idea, stating that “birth isn’t pretty…” Others are raving at the thought.

Why not capture a pivotal moment? If you get the right photographer, you can capture some beautiful moments. Love, trust, fear… Whatever you might experience.

I have a few shots from other photographers I would love to share with you. First, from Lynsey Stone Photography – a woman whose work I admire so much I’m almost jealous!

Take a look at this parking lot birth captured by a hired photographer. Apparently these photos went viral when they were first released, but still… Amazing.

Photo Credit: Emily Robinson

Photo Credit: Emily Robinson

I had some pictures taken with my last birth, however, even though I had my tripod setup with my preferred camera settings, all of my support team simply forgot to take pictures. Woops! So we had a few pictures from directly afterwards as I held my son against my chest, still comfortably sitting in the birth tub. Little Keagan barely cried after his calm yet intense and speedy entrance into the world. Of course the pictures aren’t flattering, but they capture an amazing moment regardless.

birth-share squishy-baby


My favourite part aside from the squishy baby is the amount of dilation in the pupils. Pure adrenalin and oxytocin surge. Not even the four bright, 100 watt light bulbs overhead could cause those pupils to constrict.

Two weeks and four hours later, my nephew was brought into this world in my sister’s home. I was there to photograph the birth for her, though I only had a 50 mm lens and my newborn strapped to me in a moby wrap. I took what I could, but this is one of my favourites of them all:

My brother-in-law holding his third born son. Moments later, the two older sons awoke from their sleep and came to check out the noise of baby Eddy crying.

My brother-in-law holding his third born son. Moments later, the two older sons awoke from their sleep and came to check out the noise of baby Eddy crying.

I have more photos from my sister’s birth, but I will not share them online. They are, however, in my photography portfolio :) I may do a mini post with them at a later date once I sit down with my sister and get the “Okay!”

Flashbacks : My Youngest as a Newborn

When I was a few months pregnant with my youngest, I was finally able to invest in a digital SLR camera. I used to play around with my 35 mm SLR, but the hobby became too expensive with the film development, printing, and driving to and from photo labs.

When I first got my camera, I was a newbie. Total newbie. I took some awful photographs. Awful. haha But trial and error is a great way to grow.

When my son was first born, I took the time to try and recreate some baby poses that I had seen blasted all through the Internet. Unfortunately, back then I had limited lighting, no flash, and a lonely old 50 mm f1/.8 lens. I also had weak muscles and was severely low in iron, so my “photo sessions” with my son were pretty darn quick!

I digress…

Newborn in Crib

In my daughter’s doll crib… hehe

If I could turn back time… I’d move the crib parallel to the light source and move myself so that the angle isn’t so awkward. Straighten out the brown blanket I had used as the floor, then maybe position the little sir a little differently. Looks a little too squished. I was learning.


One week old. La-Z-boy recliner, pillow, and a fuzzy blanket used to create a soft support for baby.

I wanted to get a picture of him lifting his head up. Both my kids were early head lifters — lifting straight up at just a day or two old. This shot was taken in between head lifts. It looks like he’s snoozing, but he is wide awake here. Unfortunately, the photos that I took where his head is raised, he has a dog’s nose smooshed against him as our dog Charlie worked his love into the pictures.

Do you have any “attempted” portraits from when your children were newborns? If you do, please share!


A Look at Focal Length, DoF, Point of Focus… Also, Gold River

Point of focus and depth of field work together to create a strong subject point in most photography. Depth of field can be shallow or deep, yet when paired with an altered point of focus, the field appears larger or smaller. Your point of focus is the centre of focus and the depth of field is how much area surrounding that focus point–be it in front or behind–is in focus or is blurred.

Shallower depth of fields are often used to create a “Bokeh” effect. Remember that the depth of field is related to your aperture setting (f-stop) and as such, the lower your number, the lower the depth of field, the more light will be in your photographs. The larger the depth of field, the larger the f-stop, the less light will get in.

Depth of field is also altered by the focal length of the lens that you are using. The longer the lens or the higher the focal length, the shallower the depth of field will be… Even if you are using the same aperture setting!

Observe the following photographs, taken in Gold River at a “Sight Stop.” Each photo is taken with a 50 mm lens at f/3.2 and 1/800 sec with ISO-100:


This photograph shows a focal point half-way across the bridge and a moderately shallow depth of field. Focal length: 50 mm.


This photograph shows a focal point at the beginning of the bridge, yet the depth of field is again moderately shallow, though it appears more shallow because of the altered focal point.



Again, same settings, but this time the focal point is distal to the lens. In other words, the point of focus is the far side of the bridge. The depth of field seems less shallow than the second photograph above, but it is actually the same setting, just an altered point of focus.

And just for entertainment purposes, I took this picture while messing around. It gives me a feeling of impending doom, so I thought I would share the vertigo experience:

Ack! HANG ON, WE'RE FALLING!!! Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Gold River :)

Ack! HANG ON, WE’RE FALLING!!! Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Gold River :)


Weather lookout for this week in the Comox Valley

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th we are expected to have 14 hours of sunshine, making the daylong and hot! Make sure to set up for pictures in the early morning or late in the evening so as to avoid direct sunlight brightening your pictures and reflecting off objects, creating harsh lighting.

The temperature averages 20 degrees all week, making it a perfect summer week for photographs with summer outfits. Cute sundresses, shorts, and swimsuits are definitely called for!

If you are new to the Valley, check out the beach at Kye Bay in Comox. It has bathrooms, picnic tables, a playground, and lots of sandy beach.


Current projects – summer photography outfits

I’m currently working on weekly updates with mash ups of summer styled outfits perfect for family, couple, and children portraits. The outfits I feature will include clothing from local stores here in the comox valley.

There are a few local shops downtown on fifth street that have fashionable clothing perfect for portraits. Muted colours with accents to highlight your eyes or your hair. Subtle details so as to not overpower the picture, and various cuts and fits to highlight your physique.

Stay tuned! These weekly outfits will be hitting your computer screen Wednesdays!