Flashbacks : My Youngest as a Newborn

When I was a few months pregnant with my youngest, I was finally able to invest in a digital SLR camera. I used to play around with my 35 mm SLR, but the hobby became too expensive with the film development, printing, and driving to and from photo labs.

When I first got my camera, I was a newbie. Total newbie. I took some awful photographs. Awful. haha But trial and error is a great way to grow.

When my son was first born, I took the time to try and recreate some baby poses that I had seen blasted all through the Internet. Unfortunately, back then I had limited lighting, no flash, and a lonely old 50 mm f1/.8 lens. I also had weak muscles and was severely low in iron, so my “photo sessions” with my son were pretty darn quick!

I digress…

Newborn in Crib

In my daughter’s doll crib… hehe

If I could turn back time… I’d move the crib parallel to the light source and move myself so that the angle isn’t so awkward. Straighten out the brown blanket I had used as the floor, then maybe position the little sir a little differently. Looks a little too squished. I was learning.


One week old. La-Z-boy recliner, pillow, and a fuzzy blanket used to create a soft support for baby.

I wanted to get a picture of him lifting his head up. Both my kids were early head lifters — lifting straight up at just a day or two old. This shot was taken in between head lifts. It looks like he’s snoozing, but he is wide awake here. Unfortunately, the photos that I took where his head is raised, he has a dog’s nose smooshed against him as our dog Charlie worked his love into the pictures.

Do you have any “attempted” portraits from when your children were newborns? If you do, please share!


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