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PORTRAIT Photographers of the Comox Valley… Round One

There are a few photographers that have presence in the Comox Valley. I’d like to share a few notable ones with you. After all, as a photographer, we all share different visions. As a potential client, you should see all photographers out there and find the one that best suits your personal vision.

There are dozens of photographers in the Comox Valley. Dozens! I’ll help you see who’s out there and give you some samples of their work. Loving Baby Ventures’ photography won’t be included in these posts.

Tracy Russell Photography
Location of photographer: Comox, BC

Tracy does some amazing photos and is pretty good with Photoshop. She can manipulate images into beautiful art work. She uses many props, especially with newborns, and utilizes many professional techniques in order to get the best squishy baby poses. She likes to soften the look of her images as you can see in the photos below. This is good for people that love that butter soft look. Relaxing and calm. 


Tracy Russell‘s Recent Work


Siblings Captured by Tracy

Check her out on facebook. Click “Like” on facebook and you will get cute pictures like these in your news feed almost daily. I love it :)


Trina Carey Photography
Location of photographer: Courtenay, BC

Trina’s best works are her boudoir photos. She has a keen eye for good framing of the photos and composes them well. Her focusing is spot-on, and her clients always look like they feel great, which is super important.

She does work with maternity, engagement, children, babies, delivery, and so forth, but I feel her strength is in adults and boudoir.


Trina on facebook. Trina Carey Photography’s website.


Graeme Ellis Photography
Location of photographer: Courtenay, BC 

Graeme has an array of styles. Meaning that he has not honed his own style just yet, so his consistency is all over the place in terms of his creative output (Must be a long lost brother of myself! I don’t have a signature style, either). Not necessarily a bad thing unless you have a certain look in mind.  He gets some amazing shots:

Check out his website at
Join his Facebook page here! 


Crystal Clear Photography
Location of photographer: Cumberland, BC

She definitely has a niche in children’s and wedding photography here in the Valley. Crystal Clear is pretty well known. I first heard of her while attending a midwife appointment in Courtenay. I won’t say much as her work speaks for itself!

Cute little bunny by Crystal Clear Photography

See her facebook page here.
And Crystal Clear Photography’s website here



When is the Best Time to Take Your Newborn’s Photo?


Three Days Old

When is the best time to take your newborn baby’s photograph? The best timing is between the first few days of life and before the second week. During the second week of life, babies tend to suffer from baby acne as their glands begin to become active and produce oils and sweat. This usually leads to blocked pores… Something almost all babies suffer from.

Physiological jaundice is something most babies suffer from as well. This is what occurs when the abundance of blood cells that babies are born with begin to break down, causing an increase of bilirubin in the body, creating a yellowing affect on the skin and eyes.

Before babies are born, their bodies prepare by producing an abundance of blood cells. This helps prepare them for birth and survival. This added nutrients helps the babies survive without eating immediately post partum. My son, for example, had no interest in eating until he was close to 24 hours old and this is apparently normal and considered healthy as long as they eat shortly thereafter.


Snoozing on the couch

After they are born, these extra blood cells have to be disposed of and as mentioned above, the bilirubin levels raise in the body and often cause jaundice (the yellowing that we see in newborn babies for a few days or weeks).

My son didn’t get much jaundice, which is a little odd because we delayed his cord clamping and thus he had roughly 25% more blood volume. Healthy buddy

keagan-nubeAside from these aesthetic reasons for the time frame of a few days to a few weeks, newborns are much easier to get into a deep sleep within the first fourteen days of life. This sleepiness makes it easy to pose the baby into curled up poses and easier to capture the sleepy, cuddly aura.

A nice warm room, lots of patience, a full belly, and a squishy newborn are all you really need.

There are a handful of Comox Valley newborn portrait photographers. With each photographer, there is a different style, so make sure you view their portfolios and find one that best suits your desires. Keep in mind that photographers will capture your baby in a way that they like because it is their vision you are paying for. This is why I stress that it’s important that you find the photographer that best shares your view!