Happy Birthday, Eddy. Photography Throwback


Before I closed my old Facebook account, I tried to salvage some of my photographs. Unfortunately, the compression of the images were compromised greatly and so some of my favourite images are less sharp than I’d like.  In fact, some are rather pixelated.

Eddy was born a full two weeks after my little buddy, Keagan, was born. His mom — my sister — attended Keagan’s birth, and I in return attended Eddy’s birth. Both were brought into the world in a birthing pool. Yay for BC Midwifes being trained amazingly in births and for BC Medical for covering it!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eddy! 

Eddy 3

Licking his hoody while strapped into a Mei Tai carrier.


Trying to avoid a nap at Aunty Kelly’s house

Eddy smirking at Uncle Tyler

Big old grin at Uncle Tyler


Watching the small hockey players intently!


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