Onto New Passions in the Comox Valley

Fishing is a very prominent sport and hobby in the Comox Valley and surrounding areas on Vancouver Island, so I wanted to share my new found love with everyone. Not giving out any secrets, but hoping to educate people on legalities as well as ethical considerations for fishing in the Valley. Lean about types of fish found around here, how to tell wild from the hatchery fish, the life cycles of fish, and certain seasons for fishing. Hop on over to CVFishing.com!

Welcome to Loving Baby Ventures

Our heart-felt gratitude to our customers for allowing our company to thrive! May your little ones feel the love from your heart with every beat and may you feel pampered with nothing but the best!

We are branching out into our new venture with our loyal customers beside us. Now located in the Comox Valley, Loving Baby Ventures will begin offering affordable, yet professional and fun photography. Portraits of newborns, births, maternity, engagements, siblings, couples, families, toddlers, and so forth.

Keep posted as we will offer many "Mini" sessions where you can get a handful of edited photos for a small fee. Hope to see you soon! Please keep checking back, or use the contact us page to request notification once we have our new website launched.

Watch our new blog for current updates in and around the Comox Valley.


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