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New articles: Benefits of Breastfeeding has just been published. Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding? a new article to help you decide which method of feeding your baby will work best for your family.

Live your life to the fullest. Here comes many new articles and updates to the wonderful world of Loving Baby Ventures.

Although we no longer sell baby carriers or baby accessories, we are excited to share our knowledge of kids, babies, parenting, and health.

If you have not yet been to our personal blog, check out Twenty One Days : A blog on personal life, health, nursing, birth, and more. And by nursing, I mean the job title more than breastfeeding.

The Canadian Subscription for kid's service didn't garnish nearly as much interest as I thought it would, so the children's subscription service is on hold for us Canadians for now. Hopefully, I can figure out shipping services better and find a way to bring this nifty monthly or quarterly box to Canada. It seems they get all of the fun in the USA when it comes to subscription services.

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